Dust Ex Extraction


  • The Skarky Bag Ripper fits onto your mixing bucket, then place material bag on the teeth and the bag will open and fill up the bucket with ease. Vacuum attachment considerably reduce the amount of dust working with dry materials.
  • Easy and clean opening on all types of material bags
  • Compatible with a wide range of bucket dimensions
  • Reduced effort for the worker
  • Buckets and Dust Extraction Attachment sold separately


The dust.EX extraction device from Collomix easily clamps to the edge of your mixing bucket in combination with a vacuum cleaner to collect any dust being poured for mixing. This product is perfect for anyone mixing mortar, thinset or grout.

  • Designed to eliminate the amount of dust that can get in the air and be inhaled on the job site
  • Make for a much cleaner and more precise pouring for setting material or grout saving time on cleanup
  • Quick attachment allows the pouring to be fast and accurate
  • Minimizes cleaning time after the job has been completed
  • Clamping spring enable attachment to virtually any mixing bucket
  • Leave vacuum on while pouring and mixing for a dust-free work environment