Surecrete Flash Patch


Flash Patch™ is a single component cement based thin concrete repair patching compound system providing a workable, no-slump patch that sets quickly for the quicker return to service. Available in a white portland cement formulation, just add water!



How Do You Apply SureCrete Quick Concrete Patching Material?

We tried to make it as straightforward and efficient as possible when utilizing our concrete repair mix and overlay materials, and repair is certainly no different.

  1. Cleaning is always your priority in any concrete project. Make sure the surface is clear of all chemical contaminants, grease, oil, old paint and other foreign matter.
  2. It may not always be needed, but your surface may require some profiling to ensure the most secure bond of Flash Patch to your substrate.
  3. Dampen the area slightly without creating any puddles or pooling areas.
    NOTE: Before applying Flash Patch™, the surface should be saturated surface dry (SSD) or damp with no puddles.
  4. Mix only enough product for your current project in a bucket, making sure it has a smooth consistency.
  5. Trowel by hand or squeegee product tightly into patched area, as quickly as is reasonable. Minimize troweling, do not over work surface.
  6. Allow product to dry sufficiently before placement of any overlay, usually 1-2 hours (depending on surface porosity, temperature, and the amount of material used).
  7. Before applying an overlay, be certain that the patched surface is no longer generating excessive heat from its curing. If using a coating or sealer, wait 24 hours.

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4 lb, 50 lb