Mag Vibe Pro


The MagVibe Pro by Superior Innovations allows you to turn your concrete float into a vibrating float, allowing the vibrations to do the work for you, decreasing the time spent doing float work and and decreasing man hours spent. The MagVibe Pro utilizes a Quick Mounting system that allows you to instantly put on and take off the MagVibe Pro head making it easier for you to store your floats and prevents the unit from getting damaged during transportation.

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  • Increase productivity and minimize fatigue by letting the vibrations do the work
  • Turns floats into vibrating screeds
  • Utilizes high frequency vibration at the float not the handle
  • Has all sealed bearings so concrete won’t gunk up the mechanisms
  • Built In 18V Lithium Ion Battery doesn’t have memory failure and can be left plugged in when not in use
  • Has a LED battery indicator to show how much battery life you have left
  • Has 20 hours of operations time on a single full charge
  • Has a gear driven pivot for a fluent motion
  • The Pivot Tensioner allows you to lock the head into position
  • Can bolt onto existing floats with the QAS Qucik Attach System
  • Easy to remove with tool-less innovation
  • Pole Mount fits both 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″ button handle poles